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We asked you for your stories and memories of staying at the Rainbow Beach Holiday Village offering a trip to Fraser Island for two for the best story.

The WINNER was Jodanna Goddard her contribution:

Hi There,

WOW – 30years – Congratulations.

My family (Robinson’s) has been going to Rainbow Beach for the Christmas period since I was about 5years old – now I’m 27 – so for 22years! Growing up it was the high light of the year; especially the years when mum & dad would book a bit earlier and we would spend Xmas day in the caravan park with our DIY xmas decorations!.

I remember the ‘good ole days’ when camping sites were closer to the front, just below the terrace with the permanent residents. One year a mighty storm came through at night and I recall waking up the next day with heaps of family’s packing up to leave because of damage/ wet belongings etc – our site was fine – dad was our hero that year, putting together a camp site the could withstand the strong wind and rain!

As the years went on – my parents separated – but dad always made sure that he had us over xmas so we could go with him to rainbow. This was really good as it meant that we could stay in touch with the friends that we made each year who also came up to Rainbow at the same time. Some of these friends have become life long friends and still to this day; we catch up annually at Rainbow Beach J

I suppose the most special thing about Rainbow Beach is that I met a boy 20yrs ago – and through many years of playing in the sun & sand, we became best friends – and in October 2011, we were married!

My husbands newest favourite thing to do at Rainbow is convince our friends from home to come up for a few days so he can play ‘tour-guide’ and show off all the amazing natural attractions that the region has to offer. (Most are coming back for more!)

Now that I am taking a moment to reflect – today is going to be a great day as I trip down memory lane - thanks for the life time of good times & memories!

See you in December J

Kind Regards,

Jodanna Goddard


We offered three prizes for the best photos and the WINNERS were:

Phil Grills

Carole and Nev Townson

Joan Simpson

Many thanks to all of you who contributed entries and made our exhibition that we held at the new

Community Centre over the Easter Holiday such a success. The interest generated was very gratifying and was great fun.